My husband and I have been busy planning a trip to Florida. We have not had a vacation since before our son was born, we are in need of some sun and spending some time together. We decided on Miami because not only are there things for us to enjoy, but there are also activities for our son. It was just as important for him to be able to have fun too! All that we cared about was being able to lay out on the beach and enjoy the water. We also wanted to eat at the best restaurants and do some shopping. We took a little more time researching entertainment in Miami Florida for children, to make sure there were placed that we could take him.

To our surprise, there was a lot of entertainment in Miami Florida for children. One of the top tourist attractions is the large zoo that they have. The one we have close to our home is really small, it will be neat to show him a large zoo with all different kinds of animals. There is also a children’s museum close to the hotel that we will be staying at. He has never been to one of those either! This is going to be a trip that he will never forget.