Finding out sedan limousine prices in San Francisco, CA may help you determine if this is something you will do. Renting a limousine is something that can be done for special occasions or for any other reason you can think of. Business professionals may choose to rent a limousine to have a nice type of transportation service to and from the airport. Other people rent limousines for a special night out on the town. There are several factors that will affect sedan limousine prices in San Francisco, CA, and you may want to know these before you book one.

One of the things that affect the price is the size of the limousine you rent. Limousines that are larger or nicer than others may cost more. The amount of time you will use the limo will also affect the price you pay. Renting a limousine for three hours will cost less than renting one for an entire day. The distance traveled may also affect the price. If you need to travel really far in the limousine, they may charge you a higher fee or they may require that you pay a fee for a certain amount of hours, even if you do not use it that long.