We found a great family and friend activity, the corn maze in Ipswich. At first we thought the corn maze in Ipswich was just for little kids, boy were we wrong. We all had a blast. I did not realize how large and long it would be. I heard the average time is a couple of hours and if you are really racing through about an hour. I guess we were average because it took a couple of hours for our group to get through.

They had this paper to fill out and as you got to certain stations you got the answers. The questions were actually guiding us through the maze. As we answered more and more questions we realized that we were able to tell how far we were by how many questions we had answered. Some of the members of our group were interested in making sure we had all the questions filled out and others just wanted to get through the maze as fast as possible. The maze suited both ideas.

When we got finished we had a really great time walking around the property. We found a hay bale maze for the little ones. They were so proud of themselves that they could finish the maze without anyone helping them. We had a great time at the corn maze!