Ever since I turned 25, I have been looking for pipe organs for sale. As a child, I have many fond memories of these. I thought that buying one would make me feel closer to my family. I lost both of my parents at a young age. The one memory I treasure the most is going to midnight mass with both my parents holding my hands. As an adult, I felt like I was started to lose my grip on these memories. My first instinct was that finding pipe organs for sale and purchasing one would bring these precious memories to life.

I wanted to learn a few songs that I had heard while in church. After learning these, I felt that if I just closed my eyes and focused on the song, I could close my eyes and see my mother and father with me. I would be able to remember the smell, the feel, and the touch of my parents. Pipe organs have majestic, strong, and magical sounds to them. Their sound is known to many and those who have heard the instrument know the unique sound that it makes. It is an instrument from the same family as pianos. I knew how to play the piano, which made me hopeful that once I found a pipe organ for sale, I would be able to ease into playing it using my piano skills.