In high school, sports can be very competitive. When you think of competitive prep sports, most people consider football and basketball to be the most athletic. However, there is one incredibly athletic sport that often gets forgotten: cheerleading. Cheer is no longer just standing on the sidelines of games rooting for your school’s teams. It has evolved into a very demanding physical sport. Cheer routines involve many dangerous tumbling moves that require a lot of skill and practice. These routines also include choreographed dances which the cheerleaders perform to music. When cheer squads take their routines to competitions, they want to be unique and stand out above the rest. The best way to do that is through custom cheer mixes.

Most squads like to perform to popular contemporary music. However, you don’t want to have the same song as any other teams. You want your music to match your routine perfectly. Custom cheer mixes allow you to maintain individuality and uniqueness while incorporating the best beats and songs into your performances. To be competitive, you don’t want to stick with just one song. You want to bring in many musical elements and styles to allow you to be especially creative with your routine.