I have played the piano since I was just a little girl. I played a bit through college and do wedding performances in addition to my normal job. My husband recently took a trip back east and while we were there we went to a huge Steinway piano gallery in Washington DC. It was an incredible gallery, like one I had never seen before. They had a whole place where you could just go and play some of the pianos. Honestly, it was like heaven.

We happened to go to the Steinway piano gallery in Washington DC at a time where it wasn’t very busy. This was great for a lot of reasons. We were able to have the person who ran the gallery all to ourselves to give us a tour of the gallery and then because we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone he let me take about 20 minutes and play some of the pianos.

It was an amazing experience and ended up being one of the highlights for the trip for me. I honestly had never seen that many beautiful pianos together in one space. Then to get a personal tour on top of it was more than I could have asked for.