There are some excellent beginner baby quilt patterns that you can buy if you are interested in making baby quilts. Beginner baby quilt patterns should be simple and should not have a lot of complex pieces to cut and put together. A simple quilt should have squares and rectangle pieces because these pieces are easy to cut and measure, and they are easy to sew together.

Beginner quilt patterns for babies often incorporate soft colors and small squares to make patterns because a baby is small; the pattern should not seem bold and overwhelming for such a small person. The patterns for baby quilts are typically smaller as well because the quilt will be used to hang over the side of the crib or to hang on the wall. When the baby gets a little bit older, they can use the quilt at the end of the bed. Most baby quilts come in the size of thirty-six inches by forty-eight inches, which is even big enough to put over a small bed when your baby is no longer in a crib. These are just some of the things you should know when you want to make a new quilt for a baby.