We have three daughters, ages four, seven and twelve. Each of our girls loves music, and each wanted to play the violin. Purchasing violins for three young girls was not an investment we were ready or willing to make. Our solution to the problem was violin rentals in Naperville.

We want to encourage our girls to go after their dreams and goals, but we also realize that those could change from one day to the next. Each daughter would also need a different size of violin, and that would continue to change until she reached a mature age. We felt that renting the violins would be best. We wouldn’t have to worry about costly purchases, damaging brand new instruments, or if one or more of our girls decided that playing the violin wasn’t their cup of tea.

Our girls have been taking violin lessons for a year now. The two older girls wish to continue and our youngest is ready to take a break; fortunately we can just return the violin without feeling any pressure. We will continue to rent violins for the girls until they are fully grown and committed to the study of the violin.

Violin rentals in Naperville was the solution for our family.