We recently bought a tiny table and four chairs for our little girl. It all came about when my mother bought her a dainty little tea set. She loves to have tea parties with her little teddy bear, her Raggedy Ann doll and her elephant. Even though these are only toys, they are some of her best friends! The other day I set the table and chairs outside because it was such a beautiful day. She went out there with her little “friends” and had a lovely little picnic with her tea set. She even took animal crackers outside with her, and she put flowers in a jar. She said, “I want my table to look like ours does when Grandma and Grandpa come over.” I didn’t visualize that setting in a live event painting until later.

While she was deep in conversation with her teddy bear, her elephant and her Raggedy Ann doll, I took some pictures that turned out to be quite impressive. When I showed them to my husband, he’s the one that came up with having them made into a live event painting. We found an artist that would do the job for us, and now that magnificent painting is framed and hanging in our living room. I love that we’ll be able to keep that memory forever!