Miami projector rentals can turn an ordinary business conference into an extraordinary success or make TV night feel like a trip to the cinema. Even in this age of 55-inch plasma screen televisions, a projector stands out by adding a real movie theatre quality to your viewing. Before you book those Miami projector rentals, however, keep in mind that not every venue or circumstance will benefit from this particular mode of presentation. Here are some things to consider first:

Space – If you plan on having your showing in a tiny spare room or crowded office, a projector won’t really do much for you. These machines need to sit or stand a good six feet back from the screen of wall surface to create a wall-sized image. If you can’t achieve that kind of distance, the image it produces will be not larger than that of an ordinary TV screen, and it may be impossible to focus as well.

Light control – Projector images look great in the dark but wash out into near-invisibility at the merest hint of ambient light. Make sure you can achieve and maintain total darkness in your viewing room before renting that projector.

Sound – Today’s projectors typically do not have speakers; they simply throw an image. You will need to have an audio system and speakers connected to your video player while feeding the visual signal to the projector, otherwise you’ll get sight without sound.