Chess is one of the oldest games on the planet and only requires the chess board and chess pieces to play. With how long chess has been around, it is a very popular game worldwide and there are many different styles of chess boards and pieces out there that you can buy if you want something that deviates from the traditional.

While strategy is very important, the first thing that you will want to know is how the chess pieces move, as that is how the game is played. Once you understand how each of the different chess pieces move, you can begin to understand chess strategy and to develop your own strategies against your opponents. In the digital era that we live in today, many younger kids tend to opt for the flashy video games that are so prevalent today. However, chess is such a timeless game that I think that it is well worth knowing how to play. As you mature, you begin to realize that games that exercise your mind and your intellect are much more beneficial and interesting than the flashy games which simply serve to entertain. I hope to have kids that I can play chess with as they grow up.