My son has always been fascinated with magic, and so I knew that for his 10th birthday part I wanted to find a magician in Sacramento CA to come perform his act. I wanted to find a magician that was kid friendly and had a good reputation, so I consulted with one of my friends who used to be a magician.

A magician is a person who has trained themselves in the act of performing illusions or magic tricks. Magicians usually are independent contractors, and must advertise for themselves in order to find performances. Some magicians are hired by companies, such as casinos or cruise ships, and given a contract to perform for a certain number of shows. Magicians typically belong to a magician’s alliance which adheres to a strict set of rules and regulations. These groups can help each magician find different shows, and improve a magicians reputation. Magicians do a number of different illusions or sleight of hand tricks, and my require the help of an assistant.

My friend was able to point me to a group of a number of professional magicians and I was able to pick the perfect magician in Sacramento CA out for my son’s party. He and his guests loved the performance.