When I chose my wedding party I chose my best, closest friends and sisters. I didn’t choose them because they were the most beautiful girls to help make pictures look better. In fact, while a lot of them had gorgeous souls, they didn’t do much to keep up on their beautiful faces. I didn’t care, however. I wanted to share that day with the girls I loved most.

While I didn’t care how beautiful the girls were, I also wanted them to feel pretty at my wedding. I decided to hire a Los Angeles, CA events styling services company to come and get my best girls ready. They did everything from making perfect hair styles to doing incredible makeup. The stylists got a feel for what my friends wanted and then made some incredible magic with makeup and hair. By the time the Los Angeles, CA events styling services stylists were finished, I was amazed. My friends with beautiful souls also had beautiful faces. They looked fantastic. Even better, they felt fantastic. Each girl felt like she was a princess in my wedding.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t have cared how my girls looked in the wedding pictures. I was happy, however, that they felt as beautiful as they looked when the proofs came back. They helped make my day magical.