My husband is a huge baseball fan, and he recently mentioned that one pretty major life goal was to attend a baseball game at every major league stadium across the nation. Considering we don’t do a tremendous amount of traveling, and our budgets are somewhat tight, I assumed this to be an unattainable goal. That is until I started looking into ticket prices and discounted hotel rooms on daily deal websites. I was able to snag some last minute Braves tickets to a game in just two weeks. I was also able to land a very good deal on a hotel rate.

My husband has no idea that I’ve gotten him Braves tickets for his birthday, and I am just going to surprise him on that Friday by saying, “Pack your bags. We’re going on a little trip.” I already have it planned out so on our way to Atlanta he will receive carefully chosen clues that might lead him to discover the destination. Clearly, when we get close to Georgia, I know he will have it all figured out. I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face when I hand him the envelope containing the tickets. I just hope that this is one of the many spontaneous trips that will allow him to accomplish that very outrageous life goal of his.