Many people grew up reading vampire novel series written by a variety of authors. Each author brings his own view of vampires to the world. People often like to indulge in a variety of different vampire fantasy scenarios. Authors create lush worlds and exciting characters for their vampire novel series. Vampire books are full of drama, comedy and action. Many love stories are intertwined in the vampire novel series. Readers usually finish each book as quick as possible to learn more about the characters and events in the series. Readers often feel invested in the series after making their way to the end.

Many readers encourage authors to continue writing their vampire novel series. These authors may sit down several years later to flesh out the story further for readers. Authors must continue developing their characters and events when adding books to the series. Readers expect the characters to grow and learn from previous experiences. Readers usually want to see their favorite characters succeed in their endeavors. Some authors decide to end one series in order to start another one from scratch. Readers often trust these authors will produce another stunning series due to their success with the first one.