I love taking pictures, just ask my wife and kids. I’m that dad that pulls over on the side of the road to snap a shot of a beautiful sunset, and I have so many pictures of my kids that you could create a flip book and watch it like a movie. My family both loves and hates my obsession, but thankfully they put up with me anyway. It’s great to have so many ways to take pictures and preserve memories. I look at my grandparents photo albums, and they are sparse. The pictures they do have are treasured pieces of history. I’m so glad that we have more photos available to us now, but I worry that we aren’t appreciating them as much as people used to. The very fact that they are so common place makes them less valuable to people. I think this is a shame. I realize that I don’t actually need 1,000 pictures of my kids jumping on the trampoline, but I take the pictures anyway because it’s fun and someday they might thank me.

This blog is an odd combination of ideas. As previously stated, I love photography so it is well represented, but so are other things. I hope you find it helpful.