It easier than ever to share the photos we take with our friends, family members, and even strangers. You don’t even have to print a photo to let other people see it anymore. In fact, printing photos isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. We all have hard drives full of photos, many of which will never get off those hard drives. The nice thing is that because we have so many options for sharing photos in their digital format, we are actually sharing more and more as well. We take pictures of everything, and some of the photos never need to leave the hard drive to have fulfilled their purpose.

Ways We Share Our Photos

Phone Cameras
Phone cameras have made a huge impact on how we share our photos and even changed our motivation for taking some photos. With all of the photo sharing apps available, people take pictures of their meals to show their friends what they ate for dinner. They also go to the other end of the spectrum and still take photos of important events to share immediately. It can be very entertaining to leave comments on other people’s photos.

Phone cameras also help us remember things. I have taken pictures of books in a bookstore before to save me the time of writing the title and author down. Plus by taking the picture I can still see what the cover looks like. This is the type of picture that I’m never going to print off, but it serves a convenient purpose.

Other Digital Cameras
We also use other digital cameras to sometimes take higher quality photos and use more intense equipment. These photos can also easily be shared online, cropped and altered to make improvements, or made into everything from prints to t-shirts. It is amazing how many options we have, and we just keep getting more. I love a good photo album or scrapbook, but I also appreciate all of the other ways to share my photographs.