Having access to so many different cameras and taking pictures of anything and everything has had a significant impact on our behavior. It’s interesting to think about how these photographic improvements have already altered the way we interact and socialize. It’s also changed our attitude towards photographs. There was a time when they were considered very rare treasures, but now we have thousands of them. I believe people still value their pictures but not as much as they once did.

Attitude and Behavior Changes Caused by Modern Photography

  • No longer valuing photos the same way our parents and grandparents did. With the ability to take so many pictures on a daily basis, we don’t feel as protective of pictures. We still enjoy them and don’t want to lose them, but they aren’t as rare.
  • Comfort level with taking pictures. We are far more comfortable in front of the camera now than we used to be. You look at old pictures and everyone is stiff and uncomfortable looking. This was partly because they had to hold still for the picture to work, and partly because it was such an odd thing to them. Now we know that a picture isn’t a big deal. If you don’t like the way you’re picture turned out, you can simply retake it. They didn’t have that option.
  • The biggest difference I see is in kids’ attitudes towards pictures. They are so used to their parents photographing every single thing they do that as soon as they see a camera they go into posing mode. Having grown up with digital photos, they don’t know anything different. I’ve often had a hard time convincing my own children to hold still long enough to take the picture before running over to see how it turned out. They don’t know what it’s like not to have immediate results.